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My experience in Teruel so far has been beyond amazing. I am from Colorado in the United States of America, and arrived at the beginning of November. Even though I have only been here for a couple months, I already feel as though Teruel is my second “home”. Each week I spend 6 hours at La Salle – 2 in 4º de primaria, 2 in 5º de primaria, and 2 in 6º de primaria. I also spend 6 hours a week at La Fuenfresca in 3º, 4º, 5º and 6º de primaria. I am lucky to work with Mamen in all of my classes at La Salle. We collaborate on the various projects that each class is working on using project-based learning (PBL). Last term, the project was recreating various aspects of the story “Alice in Wonderland”.
In addition to the projects, I teach the children about the language and culture of the Unites States. So far we have learned about my home and my family, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and some typical foods from the United States. This week we prepared an American snack together – green apples with peanut butter and granola. We all had a lot of fun!
I feel very welcome at La Salle. I love the students, and thoroughly enjoy working with Mamen and the other teachers. In addition to being happy at the school, I have also fallen in love with city of Teruel. The people are very friendly, the parks and city center are charming, and there is a true sense of community which I value. I live in a flat in the city center with two amazing Spanish roommates. They are like sisters to me, and have enriched my experience in Spain thus far. I was also fortunate enough to spend the holidays with one of my roommates’ families here in Teruel. They welcomed me as their American “daughter”, and it was in their house that I tried my first polvorones and turrón, two desserts that we do not have in the United States. I also spent New Years with the family, and ate the 12 grapes at the 12 strokes of midnight – another new tradition! During Reyes I participated in the Cabalgata here in Teruel, and tried my first “Roscón de Reyes” as well.
Needless to say, I could not have wished for a better city, better school, or better living situation. I am teaching English and culture from the United States, but learning just as much about Spanish and cultures from Spain in return. I have applied to stay for another school year in Teruel, and hope to continue to work at La Salle and enrich the lives of the students just as much as they enrich mine.

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